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What is the difference to traditional shoulder pads?

Traditionally, the padding of the shoulder pad is firmly attached to the hard shell. This limits the padded surface of the upper body, thus making it difficult to fit tightly. In addition, it restricts the freedom of movement of the arms. The combination of 2inOne vest and hard shell prevents these disadvantages.

Does the 2inOne Pad offer sufficient protection?

The vest made of compression material combined with sewn-in, specially developed cushioning pads encloses the entire upper body like a second skin. The padding stays in place with every movement of the body and does not move with it, as with traditional pads. The length of the vest also provides extended protection for the ribs front, back and on the sides. Particular attention was paid to the positioning of the pads to protect the collarbones and the solar plexus. The vest alone reduces the impact by up to 80%.

What are the advantages of the 2inone pad?

The hard shell placed over the vest can be limited to the essential protective surfaces on the upper body and thus grants more freedom of movement, especially for the arms.

  • The pad offers a tight fit, great comfort and maximum protection.
  • The hard shell comes with only one instead of the usual two epaulettes, as the vest also contains pads on the shoulders that reach to the base of the biceps.
  • All parts of the carbon shell can be replaced by the customer himself.
  • The vest can be hand washed and air-dried for optimal hygiene.

What is the difference between the hard shell made of polyethylene and carbon?

Both shells offer the same protection!
The carbon shell is about 10% lighter and thanks to the carbon/Kevlar mixture snugger, adapts perfectly to the body shape and offers the highest wearing comfort. The high-quality buckle closure system allows easy adjustment. In the event of possible damage, all individual parts of the carbon shell can be replaced by the customer himself.

Where is 2inOne manufactured?

  • The compression vest is produced in Italy by a company specialized in the design and manufacture of protective equipment for the police and military.
  • The carbon shell is manufactured in Italy by a company specializing in carbon products.
  • The polyethylene shell comes from China from a manufacturer of traditional shoulder pads.

How is the warranty service regulated?

  • For the vest and shells, the warranty is 2 years.
  • A possible warranty claim is requested with proof of purchase from the respective dealer, who then clarifies the warranty service with the manufacturer.

For which positions is the 2inOne suitable?

Basically, it can be used for all positions.

Why does one shell cover two vest sizes?

The vest, available in 6 sizes (S – 3XL), provides effective basic protection for the shoulders and the entire upper body with up to 80% shock absorption. Therefore, the shell size can be limited to the essential impact surfaces of the body, which do not differ significantly from one vest size to another. Depending on the shape of the upper body, the vest size can sometimes differ greatly from the specified shell sizes. Example: An M vest combined with an L shell or vice versa. The ideal size combination is best found out by firstly fitting the vest and then selecting the best matching shell.

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